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2019 Board Election

CMTBC is holding its annual election to select RMTs to sit on the College’s Board. In the 2019 Board election, there are five RMT candidates running for three vacant Board positions. See below for the candidates’ biographical summaries and election statements.

CMTBC will mail all active RMTs an election package consisting of a ballot, ballot envelope, postage-paid return envelope, and instructions for voting and returning the ballot. RMTs should receive this election package by the end of January. Please follow the instructions and return the ballot so it is received by the College’s Registrar by 5 pm on March 1, 2019.

Laura Dunkley

Laura Dunkley graduated in 2011 from West Coast College of Massage Therapy (New Westminster), and has a solo practice in Vancouver with a focus on persistent musculoskeletal pain and complex pain disorders. She completed a Bachelor of Music at McGill University in 2004, and then worked in the financial services industry prior to becoming an RMT. She has worked with Registered Massage Therapists’ Association of BC and Pain BC, and has served on the Board of Directors for the non-profit Pacific Spirit Triathlon club. Laura is passionate about consumer advocacy in healthcare, and is committed to supporting her RMT colleagues in providing ethical, patient-centred care.

Caelum Ellis

I am hoping to be elected to the CMTBC Board as I am a team player who finds efficiency for productivity and I have a voice to bring to the table. I will bring forth your voice too when you bring something to my attention, as protecting the public is of great importance to all of us. Communication is one of my strong suits. I offer perspective on the variety of therapists and clients we have and I am mindful to how topics of discussion may affect each of us, while still upholding public safety and professionalism.

Thomas Klie-Cribb

Thomas Klie-Cribb brings 10 years of professional experience pursued with a passion for understanding. He has a patient-centered, evidence-informed, biopsychosocial practice. Thomas would collaborate with the members of the Board to represent the public interest and ensure good governance of our profession. His keen interest in continuing education has helped to hone his critical thinking and close reading skills, which will serve the Board, the profession and the public.

Robin Perry

As a former Board Member, and Chair, I developed leadership skills and conflict resolution. I would like to continue to use these skills and hopefully continue growing as a productive Board member to assist the profession. As Chair, I grew as an RMT and as a person with my experiences, not only in increasing my knowledge of governance but in conflict resolution. My philosophy as Chair was: Everyone has a perspective, and they deserve to be heard. I strived to make sure everyone has a voice; we all come from different fields, but come together for one goal: to protect the public.

Michael Wiebe

I have had the distinct privilege to serve the College Board as an elected member, and as a volunteer member in recent years. CMTBC invests in expert training for their Board members, and I have had the pleasure to participate in many of these sessions. I would be honoured to continue to put to good use the experience and expert knowledge that has been given to me. Along with all of the very professionally appointed Board members and College staff, I would love to continue helping and moving forward the very important work that the College continues to accomplish.

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