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2021 Board Election

In the 2021 CMTBC Board election that will open January 31, 2021, five RMT candidates are running for three vacant Board positions. See below for the candidates’ names, photographs, and statements.

The 2021 Board election will be conducted online by Simply Voting Inc. Individual ballots are 100% confidential, and CMTBC receives voting results in final tabulated and aggregated form only. Eligible RMTs will receive an email on January 31, 2021 from Simply Voting with voting instructions and a link to the voting website. Ballots must be cast by February 28, 2021.

2021 Board election candidates and candidate statements

Emily Bissonnette

CMTBC policies must protect the public; however, policies should also consider the struggles of new grads and the frustrations of current RMTs. The best way to protect the public is to come up with simple, realistic and reasonable solutions. My goal on the Board is to help find these solutions. About me: I have been an RMT since 2011. I have a BHSc, and a BA in psychology. I have been involved in health research, education, and mentoring new RMTs. My background will help the Board make decisions that protect the public, but also work for RMTs.

Laura Dunkley

Laura Dunkley graduated in 2011 from West Coast College of Massage Therapy (New Westminster), and has a solo practice in Vancouver with a focus on persistent musculoskeletal pain and complex pain disorders. She completed a Bachelor of Music at McGill University in 2004, and then worked in the financial services industry prior to becoming an RMT. She has worked with the RMTBC and Pain BC, and was elected to the CMTBC Board in 2019. Laura is passionate about consumer advocacy in healthcare, and is committed to supporting her RMT colleagues in providing ethical, patient-centred care.

Jocelyn Kirton

Jocelyn Kirton has been an RMT and member in good standing since 2013. She exercises a leadership role by teaching and advocating for evidence informed practice. Her unique clinical experience offers guidance to implement evidence practically into patient care. If elected, she is determined to assist the College in creating informed change by providing modern and evidence informed insight to help build Standards of Practice that elevate care provided by registrants. It is of utmost importance the public receives interventions that are safe, realistic and supported by research.

Thomas Klie-Cribb

Thomas Klie-Cribb has more than 12 years of professional experience as a massage therapist, pursued with a passion for understanding. He has a patient-centered, evidence-informed, biopsychosocial practice. Thomas has a keen interest in continuing education that has helped to hone his critical thinking and close reading skills, which he has used to serve the Board, the profession, and the public. First elected in 2019, he looks forward to continuing to collaborate with the members of the Board to represent the public interest and ensure good governance of our profession.

Robin Perry

Robin Perry has been a massage therapist for more than 15 years, graduating from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2005. He has a keen interest in sports injury massage for athletes, stress management for frontline health care workers, and postural realignment for computer/office workers. During Robin’s first stint on the CMTBC Board, which included being Chair, he increased his knowledge of governance and developed leadership and conflict resolution skills. Robin was again elected to the CMTBC Board in 2019, and has served as Chair since 2020. He would like to continue to use these skills and grow as a productive Board member to assist the profession. His philosophy as a Board member: everyone has a perspective and deserves to be heard. As Chair, he has worked to put this philosophy into practice by enabling all Board members to participate in meaningful discussions.

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