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Policy on Accommodating Candidates With Disabilities

CMTBC’s registration examination is a standardized exam at which all candidates are intended to have a consistent exam experience. Exam accommodations enable candidates to demonstrate their knowledge and competencies in cases where a disability or temporary condition may impact their ability to do so under standard exam conditions.

The College’s approach to requests for accommodation is set out in the Registration Committee Accommodation Policy for the Registration Examination (PDF)  .

CMTBC assesses requests for accommodation on an individual basis. If deemed appropriate, reasonable accommodations will be provided for exam components, as needed. The College reserves the right to designate the location and date/time of accommodated exam components, as all accommodations may not be available at regularly scheduled exam sites and/or dates. This might result in a candidate taking an exam component at a site or date other than their preferred site or date.


Accommodation: modification of a standard, requirement, practice, policy or rule of the College that may adversely impact an exam candidate, as a result of either a disability or a temporary condition.

Disability: a physical or mental disability within the meaning of the Human Rights Code.

Temporary condition: examples include pregnancy or short-term illness or injury that may seriously impact a candidate’s ability to complete the registration examination.

How to Apply for Accommodation

Exam candidates who require accommodation for a documented disability or special need must apply for accommodation at the time they apply for the registration examination.

Documentation of the disability must be provided to CMTBC directly from a health care practitioner with appropriate credentials and qualifications necessary to diagnose and treat the identified disability, with a history of treating the candidate for the identified disability.

A note from a candidate’s general practitioner is inadequate for accommodation requests except in the case of a temporary condition. Please refer to the Registration Committee Accommodation Policy for the Registration Examination (PDF).

For a documented disability

For a temporary condition

Repeat candidates who previously received exam accommodation are required to contact CMTBC by emailing [email protected] to arrange for accommodation of their next attempt.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please email [email protected] or call 604-736-3404 ext. 102 (toll free in North America at 1-877-321-3404 ext. 102).

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