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Recommended Resources & Entry-Level Requirements

Recommended resources

CMTBC’s registration examination assesses entry-level readiness for practice.

Candidates should review CMTBC’s list of Recommended Resources For Exams (PDF). Graduates of recognized education programs are expected to have the depth and breadth of knowledge represented by resources named in this list.

CMTBC understands that massage therapy theory, evidence, and education are in flux, and that educators offer resources that support their curriculum choices and desired learning outcomes.

Registration examination candidates are advised that the College’s standardized examination relies on the resources listed in Recommended Resources For Exams (PDF).

As in all fields, there is no single authority, and on occasion there is variation in how knowledge and skills are presented in the resources included in this list. Exam material is selected in a manner that minimizes variation.

Entry-level requirements

Inter-Jurisdictional Practice Competencies and Performance Indicators for Massage Therapists at Entry-to-Practice (PCs-PIs)

Download the PCs-PIs document:

The PCs-PIs document identifies entry-level proficiency as follows:

“When presented with routine situations, the entry-level massage therapist applies relevant competencies in a manner consistent with generally accepted standards in the profession, without supervision or direction, and within a reasonable timeframe. The massage therapist selects and applies competencies in an informed manner. The massage therapist anticipates what outcomes to expect in a given situation, and responds appropriately.” (PCs-PIs, page 4)

“The entry-level massage therapist recognizes unusual, difficult to resolve and complex situations which may be beyond their individual ability. The massage therapist takes appropriate and ethical steps to address these situations, which may include seeking consultation, supervision or mentorship, reviewing research literature, or making a referral.” (PCs-PIs, page 4)

“Entry-level Massage Therapists should possess knowledge of the etiology, pathophysiology and clinical manifestations of commonly-occurring conditions and impairments, and apply this knowledge in order to safely and effectively assess and treat patients/clients who present with these conditions and impairments.” (PCs-PIs, Appendix)

FOMTRAC video on PCs-PIs document

The Federation of Massage Therapy Regulatory Authorities of Canada produced the following video that provides detailed information on how the PCs-PIs document is used to help assess applicants’ readiness for practice:

Guidelines for Foundational Knowledge in Massage Therapy Educational Programs (GFK)

The 2018 version of the GFK took effect in 2021. Education programs that use the GFK are advised to  update curriculum references to the 2018 version of the GFK. Download the 2018 GFK:

If you have any questions regarding the above, please email [email protected] or call 604.736.3404 ext. 102 (toll free in North America at 1.877.321.3404 ext. 102).

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