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CMTBC continuing education credit requirements

A number of RMTs have contacted the College to make suggestions about continuing education credit (CEC) requirements, such as fee relief, or the modification or elimination of CEC requirements entirely. CMTBC recognizes the financial hardship and uncertainty that RMTs are currently facing. At the same time, the College must also factor in additional considerations, including its own viability and financial stability, whether a proposed change is one that can easily be implemented, fairness to all RMTs, and the medium and long-term consequences of any particular course of action.   

In the present context – with governments regularly announcing various types of new emergency measures – it is natural to expect that CMTBC is also able to make rapid changes to its existing programs or requirements. However, while CMTBC has done its best to communicate new and critical information quickly, the College operates within a legal framework that requires some changes to be made at the committee or Board level. The College must also follow legal requirements for the drafting, approval, notice, and posting of any proposed new bylaws. Where possible, we will try to accelerate these processes, but we cannot bypass certain fundamental requirements. Please understand that an absence of immediate news on an issue does not mean that it is not being considered, or that work is not being done. Any decisions will be communicated to registrants promptly.

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