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CMTBC launches new registrant and applicant portal, website, logo, and registration renewal

CMTBC is pleased to announce that it has launched a new online portal for registrants and applicants, a new website, and a new logo. CMTBC has also opened registration renewal for 2018.

CMTBC Portal

The new CMTBC Portal enables both registrants and applicants to manage their interactions with the College more easily, including: applying to become an RMT, initial registration, reporting continuing education credits, updating contact information, renewing registration, and accomplishing other tasks.

“The College listened to RMTs and applicants who expressed concerns that the previous portal was difficult to use,” says CMTBC Registrar and CEO Eric Wredenhagen. “The new portal is significantly more user-friendly and mobile-friendly.”

Some data that registrants and applicants uploaded to the previous portal – such as contact information – has been transferred to the new portal.  However, registrants and applicants will need to re-upload some data in the new portal. “While the College has taken a major step forward in improving registrant and applicant self-service with the new portal, we will be continuing to actively fine-tune the system and enable additional functionality,” says Mr. Wredenhagen. “We appreciate your patience as we fully implement the portal’s features.”

CMTBC has set up a dedicated email address for providing feedback to the College on the CMTBC Portal. Please send any comments to [email protected].

If you are a registrant, please note that your list of completed continuing education activities and credits earned to date for Cycle 11 will be available in the Portal as of November 15, 2017.

Getting started on the new CMTBC Portal

CMTBC accounts created by registrants and applicants on the College’s previous portal have been transferred to the new CMTBC Portal. However, all existing registrants and applicants must reactivate their accounts on the new portal. To reactivate your account, go to the CMTBC Portal and follow the instructions.

Registration renewal and new Criminal Record Check process

Coinciding with the launch of the new portal, registration renewal for 2018 is now open. Before renewing, registrants must ensure registration renewal requirements have been met. See the Registration Renewal page for detailed information on registration renewal. When you are ready to renew your registration, log in to the CMTBC Portal, click the “Renew Registration” box on the Welcome page (or click “Renewal of Registration” in the menu at the left), and follow the instructions.

As part of the registration renewal process, RMTs must upload proof of valid professional liability insurance and a valid Standard First Aid/CPR-C certificate – both in PDF format – to the new CMTBC Portal, even if these were uploaded to the previous CMTBC portal.

When renewing their registration, RMTs will notice that part of the renewal process involves providing the College with a new consent form for criminal record checks (CRCs). Registrants and applicants are asked to fill out this form and provide the College with a signed copy, even if they have a current CRC. The advantage of the new process is that all future required CRCs will be automatically obtained by the College without a further application process being required, and at no cost to registrants.

Please note that clicking the “Save and Continue” button at any point in the registration renewal process saves data that you have inputted into your registration renewal. RMTs can then log out and return at a later time to complete the renewal.

The deadline for renewing your registration for 2018 is December 15, 2017.

CMTBC website

The CMTBC website has been completely redesigned to enable registrants, applicants, and the public to easily locate content on the site. The new site also provides seamless access to key resources, including the CMTBC Portal, Public Register, Approved Continuing Education Activities List, Complaint Form, and Unauthorized Use of Reserved Titles Form. “Our streamlined and mobile-friendly website enables CMTBC to provide more and better communication,” says Mr. Wredenhagen.

CMTBC logo

Alongside the launch of CMTBC’s new online sites, the College is introducing a transformed logo and branding. “The lower case ‘cmtbc’ in the logo represents the College’s accessibility to registrants, applicants, and members of the public,” says Mr. Wredenhagen. “The line in the middle of the logo represents boundaries, a concept that is critical both to CMTBC’s role as a public-interest based regulator, and to RMTs’ practice as health professionals.” 

Project partner

CMTBC has worked closely with Thentia Global, which is wholly owned and operated in Canada, on the design and development of the new CMTBC Portal, website, and logo. Thentia’s Helsby Drake system, which is purpose-built for regulators, powers the CMTBC Portal.

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