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CMTBC launches Practice Development Program (PDP), including the new PDP Portal

As part of CMTBC’s redesigned Quality Assurance (QA) program, the College has launched the Practice Development Program (PDP). The PDP is a yearly set of requirements for Practising RMTs based on the core competencies of the massage therapy profession. The program provides each Practising RMT the opportunity to both assess and identify areas of improvement within their practice and professional knowledge, skills, abilities, and clinical judgements.

All Practising RMTs must complete the following PDP requirements each year, by October 31, as a registration renewal requirement.

  • Completion of a self-assessment;
  • Development of a learning plan based on self-assessment results, consisting of two specific learning goals;
  • Completion of two registrant-directed learning activities, one for each specific learning goal (examples of registrant-directed learning activities are provided on the Practice Development page);
  • Completion of a reflection to evaluate the impact each learning goal and its associated learning activity have had on the RMT’s practice.

The requirements will enable RMTs to create a specific and meaningful learning plan, and to select relevant, practice-focused, and meaningful registrant-directed learning activities.

Practice Development Program (PDP) Portal

RMTs will complete the PDP components, including self-assessment, learning plan, and reflection, via a new online platform: the Practice Development Program (PDP) Portal. All Practising RMTs will receive a welcome email with login information for the PDP Portal. 

RMTs can access the PDP Portal by:

  • Going directly to the PDP Portal.
  • Clicking on “CMTBC Learning Centre,” located in the upper right-hand corner of every page on the CMTBC website, and after arriving on the CMTBC Learning Centre page, clicking the “Log in to the CMTBC PDP Portal” button.

For more information

CMTBC has substantially updated the Practice Development Program and Quality Assurance Frequently Asked Questions pages. All Practising RMTs are strongly advised to read the PDP and FAQ pages, which have detailed information on the PDP’s components.

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