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CMTBC online courses: exam questions

CMTBC staff have answered many questions from RMTs who wish to view the exams that are taken at the end of the online courses Health Care Records: Standard for Patient Records and Privacy Legislation and Social Media Awareness for Massage Therapists.

A number of RMTs who have taken the exams ask: Why can’t I view the exam and see what I got wrong?

The short answer is that there is only one version of the end-of-course exam in each online course. To be fair to those RMTs who completed the courses early in Cycle 11, and to provide an equal opportunity for success in the exam to all RMTs over the span of a two-year cycle, access is denied after completion of the course.

After all RMTs have met Cycle 11 requirements, the College will publish information included in the course exam questions and answers.

A more comprehensive answer is summarized here:

  • CMTBC provides a supplementary handout to RMTs who need to retake a course. Each handout includes all primary sources referred to in the course, and provides coaching tips of ‘need-to-know’ concepts discussed in each course.
  • Unlike educational institutions, CMTBC is a regulatory authority. The College’s Quality Assurance Committee chose to make online courses a requirement to support RMTs’ uptake of information that all health professionals need to know. The exams cannot be discussed or shared; they exist to assess an RMT’s engagement with the course material, and an RMT’s understanding of how the material transfers to practice settings.
  • Primary source material is the reason the courses exist. As regulated health professionals, RMTs are required to have practical knowledge of relatively complex material, such as the Personal Information Protection Act and the Health Care (Consent) and Care Facility (Admission) Act. The courses unpack that material, and provide links to additional resources such as the Guide to BC’s Personal Information and Privacy Act (PDF). These primary sources are always available to RMTs on the Internet.
  • RMTs make decisions in-the-moment about patients’ personal information, entries and changes to a patient’s health record, and other aspects of care. The exams assess practical, applied knowledge of the course material. A working knowledge of the course material is therefore in the patient’s best interests.

The pass rate for RMTs is high, on first attempt:

  • Of 2606 RMTs who have passed the Health Care Records course as of October 22, 2018, 86% passed on their first attempt.
  • Of 2777 RMTs who have passed the Social Media Awareness course as of October 22, 2018, 73% passed on their first attempt.

CMTBC is committed to providing sample questions and module quizzes in the online courses that will be made available to RMTs in Cycle 12. We appreciate the need to support different types of learners.

Please see CMTBC’s Quality Assurance webpages in early 2019 for reflections on the online courses presented to registrants in Cycle 11.

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