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CMTBC recruiting for new Practice Advisor position

CMTBC has created and is recruiting for a new staff position – Practice Advisor – focused on providing guidance and advice to RMTs on their professional obligations.

The Practice Advisor will:

  • Provide guidance and advice to RMTs, and occasionally members of the public, on practice-related issues that involve professional obligations, such as boundaries, charting, record-keeping, and communication;
  • Develop practice support materials for RMTs;
  • Identify issues relating to practice that require policy direction; and
  • Assist with development and review of CMTBC standards of practice.

CMTBC staff have long provided RMTs with practice guidance and advice on an ad hoc basis.  However, the increasing demand for practice support that comes with the steady increase in registrant numbers has led to the decision to create a dedicated role.

“The Practice Advisor will ensure RMTs are considering and applying the correct resources – including CMTBC’s standards of practice, Code of Ethics, and Bylaws, and external resources – when exercising professional judgement,” says Eric Wredenhagen, CMTBC Registrar and CEO. “Creating this position is about supporting and enhancing RMTs’ professionalism, which directly relates to our mandate of ensuring RMTs deliver safe, ethical, and effective care to the public.”

Qualifications include a minimum of five years full-time experience as a practising RMT in a regulated Canadian province.

CMTBC will accept applications from RMTs for the position until October 11, 2019. Please email your application, including cover letter and resume, to Eric Wredenhagen at [email protected].

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