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CMTBC statement on Michael Albert Jolly

On December 14, 2017, CMTBC became aware of media reports stating that a Merritt man, Michael Albert Jolly, was charged with four counts of sexual assault.

It was noted that Mr. Jolly was described in some reports as a “massage therapist”, which he is not.  Mr. Jolly is not, and never has been, a registrant of CMTBC. It is therefore incorrect to refer to him as a massage therapist or registered massage therapist, as these are titles reserved by law for the exclusive use of CMTBC registrants by regulation made under BC’s Health Professions Act.
CMTBC immediately contacted the CBC and other media outlets that had incorrectly identified Mr. Jolly as a massage therapist and asked that this term not be used in relation to Mr. Jolly.  CBC and other outlets subsequently changed their headlines, and issued corrections and/or further comments clarifying that Mr. Jolly is not, in fact, a massage therapist. CMTBC is also investigating the possible unauthorized use of title by Mr. Jolly, and may take further legal action if warranted by the results of that investigation.
The status of a registered massage therapist (RMT) can be verified by searching CMTBC’s Public Register. A person who is not listed on the Public Register is not an RMT in British Columbia.

While unregistered individuals have been legally entitled, since 2015, to perform massage, they are not permitted to refer to themselves as massage therapists, registered massage therapists, or RMTs. Any member of the public who has information that an unregistered individual is or may be describing themselves as a massage therapist, registered massage therapist (RMT), massage practitioner, or registered massage practitioner, is encouraged to contact CMTBC, which will investigate any such information.

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