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CMTBC statement on COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

CMTBC has received questions from RMTs about the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak and how to respond as health practitioners.  So far, questions have fallen into two main categories:

  • What are the appropriate infection control protocols that an RMT should follow?
  • What, if any, obligation does an RMT have regarding a patient who gives a positive response to COVID-19 screening questions?

The most important authority for all RMTs to be aware of and to consult is the Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) website, and specifically the BCCDC webpage for health professionals.

The BCCDC offers guidance to health professionals that is updated on an ongoing basis, including links to the Public Health Agency of Canada website, which sets out case definition and testing guidelines.

Both of the above websites provide guidelines on infection control.

CMTBC has not been advised that it is mandatory for RMTs to screen their patients. However, if the RMT chooses to ask appropriate screening questions, and the patient provides an affirmative response, the RMT should ask if the patient has reported him- or herself to the health authority that corresponds to the patient’s primary place of residence.

If a patient advises that they have not reported themselves to their local health authority, the RMT should encourage the patient to do so. 

If a patient who provides an affirmative initial response has reported, or indicates that they will report, no further action is required at this time by the RMT other than to note and retain a written record of their communication with the patient.

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