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CMTBC’s online course for Cycle 12, Boundaries and Consent, is now available

RMTs now have access to a new CMTBC online course named Boundaries and Consent.  The course teaches the requirements of CMTBC’s boundaries and consent standards of practice in the context of everyday practice scenarios encountered by RMTs.

CMTBC asks that registrants reflect on their available time and plan to complete the course when they have time for mindful reflection and consideration of practice standards.

All RMTs, including those with non-practising status, are required to obtain 10 CECs by completing CMTBC’s Boundaries and Consent online course. New RMTs, registered on or after November 1, 2019 although exempted from this requirement under the College Bylaws, are encouraged to complete the course to ensure they understand the practice standards and can apply them in their massage therapy practice.

Cycle 12 runs until October 31, 2020.

The course has eight modules:

  • Modules 1-4, boundaries
  • Modules 5-7, consent
  • Module 8, final exam

Modules 1 through 7 each have an end-of-module quiz that summarizes the module’s learning objectives and ensures that RMTs understand the material.

Multiple attempts at end-of-module quizzes are available, and instruction is provided to coach RMTs toward the correct solution. RMTs have eight/8 weeks to complete the course and are urged to take their time working through the modules. Thoughtful engagement with the course material is a commitment to patient care.

Module 8 is the final exam and consists of 50 multiple choice questions. The exam is based solely on the boundaries and consent standards, plus the Code of Ethics which connects the standards to ethical decision-making in practice.

RMTs enroll in the course via the registrant portal. Once inside the portal, select “Continuing Education (CE)” from the dropdown menu, then select “Register in CMTBC’s Online Courses”. Payment of $100 is required by credit card via the portal, or cheque (mail) or cash (in person at the Vancouver office). Instructions for enrolment are provided; registrants are asked to carefully read all the instructions. Payment triggers enrolment – if you are not ready to complete the course, do not enroll. Once you have enrolled, you have eight/8 weeks to complete the course. The course will close at the end of those eight weeks, whether you have completed it or not.

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