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Cycle 12 continuing education activities and approval process

Updated: February 28, 2019

Modeled closely on the previous reporting cycle, the current two-year quality assurance Cycle 12 has a few changes in the approval process for activities that will earn continuing education credits (CECs). These changes reflect the experience of previous reporting cycles, and will result in speedier decisions on course approval requests.

The following outlines how to apply for approval to receive CECs from activities not yet included on the Approved Continuing Education Activities Cycle 12 List, or for completing a university course in a degree program for which you are enrolled:

Practical Education (PE) activities
Either the course provider or an RMT who wishes to take a CE activity is invited to complete the application form (PDF). The College recommends that RMTs ask course providers to apply for PE CECs, because the provider or course instructor is best able to supply all the requested information. Applicants are reminded that, as a regulatory authority, CMTBC is committed to confidential handling of information submitted for review, and that the proprietary nature of course material is understood; information is for reviewers’ eyes only and is destroyed after the end of Cycle 12. Course material must be submitted electronically.

Professional Development (PD) – online courses
The course provider is required to complete the application form (PDF). The reason is that course reviewers require access to the online course material and its assessment tools to determine whether the criteria for approval have been met.

Professional Development (PD) – conference attendance
Conference organizers are required to write [email protected] at the earliest opportunity and provide comprehensive information about the conference.

Professional Development (PD) – completion of a university course
To obtain pre-approval of a university course started and completed in the time frame defined by Cycle 12, RMTs are required to submit documentation that verifies acceptance into a degree-granting university faculty.  This process is new. It clarifies the commitment made by CMTBC’s Quality Assurance Committee to honour RMTs’ commitments to obtain a university degree.

September 6, 2020 is the last date that applications for Cycle 12 course approvals will be accepted.

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