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Cycle 12 requirement: CMTBC’s new online course on boundaries and consent

All CMTBC registrants will complete a new online course in Cycle 12 on two practice standards introduced in 2019: the Boundaries Standard of Practice and the Consent Standard of Practice.

Scheduled to launch by the end of 2019, the course will be mandatory for all RMTs – practicing and non-practicing – and will earn 10 credits on successful completion towards your Cycle 12 continuing education credits. Cycle 12 ends on October 31, 2020.

In contrast to CMTBC’s previous required online courses that earned five credits each for successful completion, this longer course will cover two important and related topics in a single course. RMTs will be asked to allocate sufficient time to engage with, reflect on, and absorb the course material.

Incorporating feedback received from RMTs about previous online courses, the new course will include interactive elements that provide opportunities for RMTs to reflect on application of the material to their own clinical practice. In addition, each of the seven modules in the course will include a self-diagnostic quiz at the end of the module, so RMTs can determine whether they have fully absorbed the material before moving to the next section. The final module, the eighth, will be an exam on the entire content of the course. Successful completion of the exam satisfies the CMTBC online course requirement in Cycle 12.

The cost for the online course will be $100, payable via the Registrant Portal for enrollment into the course when its availability is announced. In Cycle 11 (2016-2018), completion of two online courses authored by CMTBC was required, at a cost of $120. The $100 course fee in Cycle 12 allows CMTBC to meet the costs of developing course content and licensing the online learning platform used to deliver the course. CMTBC continues to work toward the future goal of fully incorporating the cost of required online learning into the basic registration fee.

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