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Have you reported your continuing education for Cycle 11?

Deadlines, requirements, and a data snapshot of how RMTs are doing so far

RMTs must complete their continuing education (CE) activities for compliance with Cycle 11 of the Quality Assurance program by October 31, 2018. Meeting this requirement is a prerequisite to renewing registration for 2019.

The deadline to request approval for courses not yet on the approved list is September 6, 2018.

How many CECs have you reported and how many do you need?

How are RMTs doing so far?

As of early April 2018, the data suggests it’s time to get busy:

How many RMTs …

  • need to complete CECs for Cycle 11? Approximately 4200
  • need 24 CECs? 4136
  • need 12 CECs? 97
  • enrolled in the online course titled Health Care Records: Standard for Patient Records and Privacy Legislation and completed it? 488
    • passed on their first attempt? 410
    • passed on their second attempt? 45
  • enrolled in the online course titled Social Media Awareness for Massage Therapists and completed it? 479
    • passed on their first attempt? 449
    • passed on their second attempt? 18

Succeeding with online courses

CMTBC has heard from some RMTs who experienced difficulties with the online courses. Difficulties often relate to:

  • Rushing through the material, and skipping over the clickable content that provides more information and practice examples;
  • Discomfort with the online environment, especially for first-time online learners;
  • The language demands of the content for English language learners, who need to take more time with the material.

The message? Start as soon as possible, and once in the 30-day window for completion of an online course, take your time with the material. Engage with it thoughtfully, return to it over several sittings, and reflect on how the content relates to your own clinical practice.

RMTs can enroll in CMTBC’s online courses directly via the registrant portal. For the San’yas course offered by the Provincial Health Services (PHSA) Authority Aboriginal Health Program, called Core ICS Health Training, register directly on the program’s website.  

Approved continuing education activities

Approved CECs offered by external providers are listed in the Approved Continuing Education Activities list. Be sure to toggle the category indicators, “Practical Education” and “Professional Development”, which are separate lists in the Approved CE Activities list.

If you are interested in a CE activity that doesn’t appear on the list, contact CMTBC at [email protected] to see if it was denied CECs because it didn’t meet the criteria for approval in Cycle 11. If no one applied for CECs for your target course, and you would like to see if it qualifies, apply for approval. It may take several weeks before a decision is made, so don’t delay.

The deadline for requesting course approval is September 6, 2018.

Deadlines and important dates

September 6, 2018 – last day for requests to CMTBC for course approval. Check before you apply, in case the course was previously denied CECs for Cycle 11, by contacting CMTBC at [email protected].

October 31, 2018 – deadline for completion of Cycle 11 activities, including successful completion of online courses.

November 30, 2018 – deadline for reporting CECs/uploading certificates of completion on the registrant portal.

December 15, 2018 – deadline for registration renewal for 2019. Completion of Cycle 11 CECs is a pre-requisite for registration renewal for all RMTs who require CECs in Cycle 11.

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