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More frequently asked questions on Cycle 11 quality assurance requirements

There are eight and a half months left in CMTBC’s two-year quality assurance (QA) Cycle 11. RMTs have until the end of the cycle – October 31, 2018 – to complete QA requirements. The following are answers to questions on Cycle 11 QA requirements:

What important dates do RMTs need to keep in mind with QA Cycle 11?

  •  September 6, 2018: Deadline for course approval requests.
  •  October 31, 2018: End of Cycle 11, when all course work eligible for continuing education credits (CECs) must be completed to avoid being assessed a fee for non-compliance with continuing education requirements, specified in Schedule B of the CMTBC Bylaws.
  • November 30, 2018: Deadline for reporting CECs/uploading certificates of completion.

What do I need to do if I plan to take a course that’s not yet on CMTBC’s Approved Continuing Education Activities list?

  • See the Apply for Course Approval page for essential information and ensure that you submit your course approval request by the deadline of September 6, 2018.
  • Don’t assume that the course you’re requesting approval for will in fact be approved. Submit your course approval request on time – or better yet, earlier – so you know if you can obtain CECs from the course you have in mind.

How many CECs do I need?

That depends on your status. See the RMT CEC requirements in Cycle 11 table for detailed information on the number of CECs needed for different statuses as an RMT.

How many CECs from CMTBC online courses do RMTs need to complete in Cycle 11?

RMTs must complete 10 CMTBC CECs in Cycle 11. There are currently three online courses available for RMTs to earn CMTBC credits. To learn more, watch the video and read the detailed text in the CMTBC online courses section of the Quality Assurance page.

How do I report CECs/upload certificates of completion for courses?

  • Report CECs and upload certificates of completion on CMTBC’s Registrant Portal. After logging in to the portal, click “Continuing Education (CE)” and then “Report CE Activities” in the menu at the left. After reviewing your CE information, click the “Report CE Activity” button and fill out the fields on the page to report new CE activity and upload supporting documentation (certificates of completion).
  • The new Registrant Portal is very user-friendly. If you are not computer savvy, give yourself extra time to orient yourself to the portal and report CECs/upload certificates of completion well before the November 30, 2018 deadline for those tasks. 

In addition to this page, where can RMTs find information on Cycle 11 QA requirements?

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