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Participation in survey on next generation quality assurance program closes January 31, 2019

CMTBC is working with Dr. Susan Glover Takahashi on development of the College’s next generation quality assurance program that will follow QA Cycle 12. As part of Dr. Glover Takahashi’s work, all BC RMTs were invited to provide input to her research team by completing an optional online survey. The survey was sent to RMTs by Dr. Glover Takahashi’s team in November 2018, and is intended to gather information about RMT practice to help CMTBC develop the next generation QA program. CMTBC will receive only the aggregated results of the survey, meaning that individual responses will not be identifiable by CMTBC. Participation is optional, but CMTBC is hopeful that most RMTs will complete the survey so that development of the new QA program is informed by as much data as possible about RMT practice.

If you have not yet completed the survey and wish to do so, you must use the personalized link provided in the email sent directly to you by the research team. Each RMT has a link to the survey that is unique to them; please do not use the link provided to another RMT. If you have misplaced the email, contact [email protected]. A new email with your link to the survey will be sent to you.

Seven Cycle 12 continuing education credits (CECs) will be awarded to all RMTs who complete the survey between November 2018 and January 31, 2019. The survey consultants may decline to award credits if the survey form is not fully completed. CMTBC has chosen to award these CECs in recognition of the critical importance of receiving thorough, accurate, and honest practice information from as many RMTs as possible.

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