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Reporting Cycle 11 CECs: Complete, upload, and submit – what’s the difference?

RMTs who renewed their registration online last year for 2018 told us that CMTBC’s new information and database system is easy to use. The system is currently being used by approximately 4200+ RMTs who are completing Cycle 11 requirements in preparation for 2019 registration renewal.

A new feature built into the Registrant Portal, where RMTs upload completion certificates for continuing education credit (CEC) activities, is that the “Continuing Education (CE) Activities” function serves as a filing system. RMTs can upload, remove, change, and edit entries until they’re satisfied with their CEC reporting.

Once all continuing education courses and activities are completed, certificates are uploaded, and you’ve met your Cycle 11 requirements, there’s one last step – to submit the file for review by College staff.

When an RMT’s 12 or 24 CECs are uploaded, this information box appears:

By ticking the box, an RMT agrees to the accuracy of the information uploaded via the registrant portal. Once the box is ticked, and the “Submit” button is clicked, an RMT closes their file for Cycle 11. No further changes can be made.

On occasion, CMTBC staff have found that RMTs mistakenly upload an incorrect document, instead of the desired completion certificate. The function of the “submit” process is to provide a filing system for RMTs for the two-year reporting cycle, and enable changes before making a final submission. At the end of the cycle, or when an RMT is content that they’ve accurately reported their CE activities and plan no further changes, it’s time to “submit”.

  • Complete: you’ve done your courses, conferences, and approved activities.
  • Upload: the completion certificate you earned is uploaded to the Registrant Portal and the CECs appear on your dashboard.
  • Submit: you declare that the information you’ve uploaded is accurate and complete, and you’re ready to close your CE file for Cycle 11.

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