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RMTs’ completion of Cycle 11 requirements: what the data says

While a number of RMTs have completed their continuing education credit (CEC) requirements for quality assurance Cycle 11, as of mid-July 2018, most registrants still need to report their CECs in CMTBC’s Registrant Portal.

How many RMTs …

  • Need to complete CECs for Cycle 11? Approximately 4200
  • Need 24 CECs? 4136
  • Have completed and uploaded those 24 CECs? 280
  • Need 12 CECs? 97
  • Have completed and uploaded those 12 CECs? 8
  • Have enrolled in the online course Health Care Records: Standard for Patient Records and Privacy Legislation and passed on their first attempt? 769
  • Have passed the health care records course on their second attempt? 45
  • Have enrolled in the online course Social Media Awareness for Massage Therapistsand passed on their first attempt? 864
  • Have passed the social media course on their second attempt? 34

Log in to the Registrant Portal to see a Registrant Dashboard that shows a “Continuing Education Progress” table. The table provides important information, including the number of CECs you have reported to date for Cycle 11 and the remaining required CECs.


September 6, 2018: last date that applications for approval of continuing education activities will be accepted for Cycle 11.

October 31, 2018: End of Cycle 11, when all course work eligible for continuing education credits (CECs) must be completed to avoid being assessed a fee for non-compliance with continuing education requirements, specified in Schedule B of the CMTBC Bylaws.

November 30, 2018: Deadline for reporting CECs/uploading certificates of completion.

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