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Your SFA/CPR-C certification: when does it expire?

CMTBC has heard from a number of RMTs about their expired – or soon to expire – Standard First Aid (SFA) and CPR-C certification, and is aware that available courses for recertification with the national certifying organizations named in CMTBC’s Bylaws may be more limited than usual for the foreseeable future due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, certification is still a requirement, and the College therefore recommends that registrants seek opportunities to recertify as soon as possible, recognizing that it may take longer than usual to find a course.

RMTs are encouraged to explore options for completion of SFA/CPR-C renewal in sufficient time to be able to renew their 2021 registration. 

The 2021 registration renewal period begins November 1, 2020, and runs to December 15, 2020, with late registration available until December 31, 2020. 

CMTBC encourages all Practising registrants to seek recertification courses immediately to account for possible delays.

FAQs about SFA/CPR-C recertification

My SFA/CPR-C is expiring soon. Has CMTBC provided an extension to my existing certification?

Due to COVID-19 many of the national first aid organizations have provided 90-day extensions to their certification periods. You may wish to contact the certifying organization that issued your existing SFA/CPR-C certificate (e.g. Canadian Red Cross, Lifesaving Society, St. John Ambulance) to enquire about an extension, and confirm the SFA/CPR-C expiry date.

I am unable to find a recertification course available where I live, and recertification courses I’ve found are full; what shall I do?

In addition to in-person courses, SFA/CPR-C certifying organizations are offering the option to register in a blended course, with most of the academic content delivered online and a shorter time period required for in-person attendance.

If recertification courses are full, consider contacting the certifying organization about a waitlist option should space in an existing course or a new course become available.

If you currently hold Lifesaving Society certification, look into recertification courses offered by Canadian Red Cross and St. John Ambulance, and vice-versa. Many of the national certifying organizations honour each other’s certificates.

The Canadian Red Cross, St. John Ambulance, and Lifesaving Society websites all provide information about upcoming course offerings.

I’m currently non-practising and plan to renew as practising in 2021. When do I need to have SFA/CPR-C in place?

Current certification in SFA/CPR-C is required by the time of registration renewal, as it is a requirement for Practicing registration.

The 2021 registration renewal period begins November 1, 2020, and runs to December 15, 2020, with late registration available until December 31, 2020.

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