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Disciplinary Actions

Anuraj (Anu) Gill, Former RMT

Salt Spring Island, BC
Date of Action:
October 31, 2019

Nature of Action and Reasons: A panel of the Discipline Committee was convened to hear a formal citation issued to Anuraj (Anu) Gill. The citation contained a charge that Mr. Gill failed to reply to communications from CMTBC in a timely or responsive manner, or at all, regarding his Standard First Aid/CPR-C certification and his non-responsiveness to requests from CMTBC for information about the same.

The hearing on verdict was held over two days (January 29 and April 30, 2019). At the outset of the hearing, Mr. Gill remained a registrant of CMTBC. His registration was automatically cancelled under CMTBC’s Bylaws on February 1, 2019, due to his failure to renew his registration.

The Discipline Committee panel issued an order and reasons dated May 13, 2019, in which the panel determined, pursuant to section 39(1)(b) and (c) of the Health Professions Act (the “Act”), that Mr. Gill failed to comply with a standard imposed under the Act (namely, he did not comply with section 28 of CMTBC’s Code of Ethics) and committed unprofessional conduct. The panel found that Mr. Gill failed to cooperate with CMTBC in responding to its communications in a responsive and timely manner. By failing to cooperate with CMTBC over the course of approximately one year, the panel found that Mr. Gill impeded CMTBC’s statutory obligation to regulate the profession. Read the full Reasons for Decision (PDF).

Following the issuance of the May 13, 2019 order, the panel set a schedule for written submissions from the College and Mr. Gill with respect to penalty and costs. The College provided written submissions; Mr. Gill did not. On October 31, 2019, the panel ordered that:

  • Mr. Gill is reprimanded;
  • Mr. Gill is suspended for three months commencing on October 31, 2019;
  • Mr. Gill is prohibited from seeking reinstatement of registration until the later of: a) the completion of his three-month suspension, or b) delivery to the College of written responses to outstanding investigative questions; and
  • Mr. Gill must pay the College costs in the amount of $9,750.22.

In its reasons, the panel stated that the public must have confidence that registrants will cooperate with CMTBC and will be held to account when they fail to do so. The panel found the nature and gravity of Mr. Gill’s conduct to be serious, favouring a more serious penalty. The panel also considered Mr. Gill’s past conduct of providing a false or misleading statement to the College, failing to pay amounts owing to the College, and being suspended, which also favoured a more serious penalty. Read the full Reasons for Decision on Penalty and Costs (PDF).

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