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Disciplinary Actions

Craig Hall, RMT

North Vancouver, BC
Date of Action:
Oct 28, 2016

Nature of Action: A section 39(2) order by consent under section 37.1 of the Health Professions Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 183 (the “Act”). Following the issuance of a disciplinary citation (notice of a discipline hearing), the Registrant consented to the following disposition by the College:

  1. Successful completion of a course on professionalism in medical practice;
  2. Successful completion of a course on professionalism and ethics;
  3. Payment of partial costs in the amount of $3,000; and
  4. Limits and conditions placed upon his practice of massage therapy for a period of one year, which include:
    1. the Registrant will have another RMT or a physical therapist (a “Supervisor”) contact patients that he has treated by telephone to confirm that the Registrant’s treatment was appropriate, at specified intervals; and
    2. the Registrant will require the Supervisor to provide bi-weekly reports and a final report to the College.

Reasons: The Registrant admitted that he engaged in professional misconduct by failing to comply with section 10(a) of the Standards of Practice (Schedule “D” to the Bylaws of the College of Massage Therapists of B.C.), which requires that “a registrant must utilize professional and written communication”, in that he had discussions with a patient during massage therapy sessions that were not patient-centred and were not for a therapeutic purpose. The Registrant acknowledged that the discussions made the patient uncomfortable and caused her distress. The Inquiry Committee is of the view that the terms of the order are sufficient to protect the public.

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