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Disciplinary Actions

Craig Smart, Former RMT

Abbotsford, BC
Date of Action:
Jul 22, 2015

Nature of Action: An undertaking and consent of the former registrant under section 33(6)(c) of the Health Professions Act. The former registrant resigned during the investigation. The former registrant agreed to pay a fine in the amount of $500 for failing to comply with the College Bylaws as well as a portion of the costs of the investigation into this matter in the amount of $1000. Before applying for reinstatement, the former registrant has agreed to complete a College-approved course on professional practice, at the former registrant’s expense.

Reasons: The College received a complaint from a former female patient of the former registrant (the “Complainant”). In respect of that complaint, the former registrant admitted to failing to comply with sections 75(a) and (b) of the College Bylaws, section 1(2) of Schedule “C”: Code of Ethical Conduct, and sections 3, 8,  10(a), and 11(b) and (e) of Schedule “D”: Standards of Practice, by engaging in inappropriate conversations of a personal nature with the Complainant, ignoring the Complainant’s instructions about which parts of her body to treat and treating other parts of her body without her consent, treating the Complainant in an unhygienic environment, and draping the Complainant in a manner and/or using a draping technique that caused her to feel uncomfortable and believe she had been exposed.

The Inquiry Committee of the College initiated an investigation under section 33(4) of the Health Professions Act, in respect of which the former registrant admitted to failing to comply with section 75(b) of the College Bylaws and sections 8(a) to (e) of Schedule “D”: Standards of Practice, by practicing in an environment that had significant amounts of hair, dust and other contaminants, was cluttered with items stacked in piles on the floor, and did not have a readily available fire extinguisher.

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