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Disciplinary Actions

David Li Lam, RMT

Burnaby, BC
Date of Action:
Mar 1, 2013
Action Ended Date:
Mar 1, 2015

Nature of action: An undertaking and consent of the registrant under section 33(6)(c) of the Health Professions Act providing for a fine and limits and conditions on the registrant’s practice, including: 1) an undertaking and consent to refrain from treating any patients for reproductive or sexual issues; 2) an undertaking and consent to have a chaperone present for all visits with female patients for two years; 3) an undertaking and consent to maintain separate records for Traditional Chinese Medicine (“TCM”) treatments and massage therapy treatments, and to clearly advise patients and document which form of treatment he is providing; 4) an undertaking and consent to complete College-approved courses or one-on-one mentoring with respect to proper charting, patient-therapist boundaries, and scope of practice; and 5) an undertaking and consent to advise the immediately if the registrant changes his name or the location of his practice of massage therapy.

Reasons: The Registrant is dual registered as a Registered Massage Therapist and as a doctor of TCM in British Columbia. The College received a complaint alleging the registrant asked a patient inappropriate sexual questions during treatment. It is a breach of the College’s Code of Ethical Conduct for a registrant to make any inquiry into a patient’s sexual history, unless such an inquiry is directly related to the assessment or treatment of the patient’s condition.

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