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Disciplinary Actions

Donald Martin, Former RMT

Victoria, BC
Date of Action:
Apr 15, 2016

Nature of Action: The former registrant has consented to the following:

  • a reprimand;
  • to not apply to the College for registration for a two year period; and
  • to pay a fine (in the amount of $5,000) and a portion of costs of the investigation (in the amount of $3,300) if he is granted reinstatement of registration.

Reasons: The College received a complaint in April 2015 from a female patient of the former registrant (the “Complainant”), containing allegations of sexual misconduct. The former registrant voluntarily resigned his registration with the College in August 2015, while the complaint was being investigated by the Inquiry Committee, and subsequent to a decision made by the College’s Discipline Committee in relation to four previous complaints against the former registrant.

While the former registrant did not admit to misconduct in relation to the April 2015 complaint, he did agree to the terms of the consent agreement set out above (including that he will not apply for reinstatement of registration for a two year period).

The Inquiry Committee determined that this would be an appropriate case in which to seek a consent agreement relating to the former registrant’s ability to apply for re-registration with the College because:

  • the former registrant resigned his registration in August 2015; and
  • to be granted reinstatement of registration as a registered massage therapist in B.C., the former registrant would be required to:
    • satisfy the terms of the order of the College’s Discipline Committee in relation to four previous complaints made against him;
    • satisfy the College’s Registration Committee that he is of good character and otherwise fit to practice massage therapy; and
    • satisfy the terms of the consent agreement described above.

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