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Disciplinary Actions

Holli Husband, Former RMT

North Vancouver, BC
Date of Action:
May 5, 2016

Nature of Action: An undertaking and consent of Ms. Husband under section 33(6)(c) of the Health Professions Act (the “Act”) providing for a reprimand and limits and conditions on Ms. Husband’s practice, including:

  • an undertaking to successfully complete College-approved courses on professionalism/ethics and record-keeping/charting;
  • an undertaking to receive mentoring for a period of 18 months;
  • an undertaking to cooperate with two audits in the next year and random audits for an additional two year period;
  • an undertaking to pay the College $1,000 in costs; and
  • an undertaking to pay to the College a fine in the amount of $4,000. 

Reasons: The Inquiry Committee initiated an investigation under section 33(4) of the Act regarding concerns which arose from an audit of Ms. Husband’s practice, including concerns about the adequacy of Ms. Husband’s charting and about her having animals present in her treatment room.

During the investigation of this matter, Ms. Husband admitted to signing patient intake forms herself prior to a practice inspection by the College, when she realized that the intake forms were unsigned.

Ms. Husband admitted to having committed professional misconduct by:

  1. failing to comply with section 75(c) of the Bylaws and the health care recordkeeping requirements in section 4 of Schedule “E”: Health Care Records to the Bylaws;
  2. contravening section 75(c) of the Bylaws and section 4(d)(i) of Schedule “E”: Health Care Records to the Bylaws by falsifying patient signatures on patient intake forms during the Inquiry Committee’s investigation of this matter; and
  3. contravening section 75(b) of the Bylaws and section 8(a) of Schedule “D”: Standards of Practice by having animals in her treatment room, on top of the massage table and patients.

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