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Disciplinary Actions

Jesse Brown, Former RMT

Penticton, BC
Date of Action:
December 19, 2017

Nature of Action: A section 39(2) order by consent under section 37.1 of the Health Professions Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 183. Following the issuance of multiple citations (later consolidated into a single citation) giving notice of a formal discipline hearing, Jesse Brown (the “Registrant”) consented to an order by the Inquiry Committee that the Registrant:

  1. resign his registration with the CMTBC effective January 31, 2018;
  2. is not eligible to apply for reinstatement of registration with the CMTBC for a period of 30 years, that is, until December 19, 2047;
  3. pay costs of $13,200 to the CMTBC by December 19, 2018.
Given this resolution, the formal discipline hearing will no longer proceed.

Reasons: The Registrant made the following admissions:

  1. That, between November 2010 and June 2016,
    1. he engaged in inappropriate communications with female patients (the “Patients”), including personal and sexually suggestive conversations in and out of the treatment room;
    2. he offered and/or consumed alcohol with a Patient in the treatment room;
    3. he disclosed private information to the Patients concerning other patients;
    4. he engaged in a personal, romantic and sexual relationship with a Patient, including sexual relations in the treatment room.
  2. That, during the CMTBC’s investigation into the complaints of the Patients, he attempted to mislead the CMTBC by falsifying text messages from one of the Patients.
The Inquiry Committee considered the Registrant’s conduct to be fundamentally inconsistent with the duties owed by registrants to patients, to the profession and to the public.
Should the Registrant seek reinstatement of registration as a registered massage therapist in BC after December 2047, he would be required at that time to satisfy CMTBC’s Registration Committee that he is of good character and fit to practice massage therapy.  

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