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Disciplinary Actions

Lucas Hille, Former RMT

Vancouver, BC
Date of Action:
Nov 23, 2015

Nature of Action: A consent agreement of the former registrant providing that he will not apply to the College for registration for a five year period and that, if he is granted reinstatement of registration, he will pay a portion of costs of the investigation.

Reasons: On September 3, 2002, a complaint was made to the College about the former registrant. The complainant alleged that the former registrant, as a counselor and massage therapist, repeatedly psychologically manipulated and sexually assaulted her over a period of several years.

On October 30, 2002, the former registrant became an inactive registrant. His status became cancelled – retired on January 1, 2006.

The former registrant admitted to having committed professional misconduct by:

  1. failing to maintain appropriate professional-patient boundaries while providing counselling services to the complainant;
  2. improperly billing the Medical Services Plan (“MSP”) for massage therapy services provided to the complainant on certain dates, when he did not provide massage therapy services to the complainant on those dates; and
  3. in or about 1993, using his position as a registered massage therapist to promote his practice of “body-centered psychotherapy”, by publishing a brochure titled “Counselling & Body-Centred Psychotherapy” which states “Lucas is a registered massage therapist and a certified counsellor. For the past three years he has been integrating his knowledge in these two areas and has developed a body-centered approach to psychotherapy. This approach acknowledges the interplay and impact of emotional, psychological and physical aspects of the Self.”.

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