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Disciplinary Actions

Roy Henry Lim, RMT

Delta, BC
Date of Action:
January 14, 2021

Nature of Action: The registrant, Roy Henry Lim, RMT, voluntarily entered into a consent and undertaking agreement with the Inquiry Committee of CMTBC. Mr. Lim agreed to the following terms:

  1. a formal reprimand;
  2. a two-month suspension from practice (commencing on January 28, 2021);
  3. remedial coursework on law, ethics and professionalism;
  4. payment of a fine in the amount of $500;
  5. payment of a portion of the costs of the investigation in the amount of $500;
  6. random audits by an inspector appointed by the College for a period of 2 years;
  7. bi-weekly reporting to the College for a period of 2 years; and
  8. an undertaking not to repeat the conduct of violating section 4 (previously section 5) of CMTBC’s Code of Ethics.

Reasons: In October 2019, CMTBC received a complaint about Mr. Lim from an individual who indicated that she had received massages at a clinic in Delta from two female unregulated bodyworkers, but was provided with a receipt bearing Mr. Lim’s name and RMT billing particulars (his CMTBC registration number).

Prior to this complaint, in an undertaking and consent agreement signed in May 2019, Mr. Lim had given an undertaking to CMTBC that he would not repeat the conduct of failing to monitor and supervise the use of his RMT billing particulars by clinic staff and/or management.

During the investigation, Mr. Lim confirmed that he did not perform the treatments of the complainant. He denied any direct involvement in fraudulent billing. However, he admitted that he had not taken any steps to monitor or supervise the use of his RMT billing particulars by the clinic’s staff and/or management other than two conversations with the then-owner of the clinic, one in or about 2017 or 2018 when he told the then-owner to avoid “monkey business” and to be careful in billing, and one in or about June 2019 (after he signed the undertaking and consent agreement) when he told the then-owner “no more monkey business”. Mr. Lim admitted that he permitted the clinic staff to handle all the scheduling of, billing for, taking of payment for, and issuing receipts for his massage therapy treatments at the clinic. He also knew that the then-owner and staff had access to his billing particulars and knew that the clinic wanted to retain him as he was the only RMT working there.

Mr. Lim acknowledged and admitted that, by engaging in the conduct described above, he breached his May 2019 undertaking to the College.

Mr. Lim further acknowledged and admitted that he had engaged in professional misconduct and violated section 5 of the College’s Code of Ethics (since amended), which stated that “RMTs must not facilitate […] fraudulent billing activities”.

The Inquiry Committee considered Mr. Lim’s conduct to be serious. The Inquiry Committee is satisfied that the undertaking and consent agreement in this matter appropriately reflects the seriousness of the registrant’s conduct and protects the public interest.

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