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Disciplinary Actions

Rui Hua Ai, RMT (formerly Charles Lu)

Richmond, BC
Date of Action:
Aug 21, 2012
Date action ended:
August 21, 2014

Nature of action: Rui Hua Ai (formerly Charles Lu), RMT, admitted to professional misconduct, in that he prepared billing records bearing false dates to facilitate his clients’ applications for reimbursement from their insurer, failed to maintain health care records for a significant number of his clients adequately or at all in 2010 and 2011, and failed to respond promptly and honestly to inquiries from his clients’ insurer about the billing records he had prepared. Mr. Ai accepted a 5 month and 21 day suspension from practice (already served) and agreed to demonstrate his understanding of the relevant sections of the Health Professions Act and Bylaws in a manner satisfactory to the Inquiry Committee. He also undertook to attend a course or tutorial, at his expense, on generating and maintaining adequate health care records as required by the College Bylaws. Lastly, Mr. Ai agreed to co-operate with periodic future audits of his health care and billing records.

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