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Disciplinary Actions

Stephen Glover, RMT

Powell River, BC
Date of Action:
May 3, 2024

Nature of Action: Pursuant to section 35(1)(a) of the Health Professions Act (the “Act”), a panel of the Inquiry Committee made an order to protect the public by imposing limits and conditions on Stephen Glover’s registration with CMTBC.

The limits and conditions on Mr. Glover’s practice of massage therapy are as follows:

  • When treating female patients, he is prohibited from performing treatment to the anterior torso from immediately inferior to the clavicles to the top of the pubis, and laterally from the axilla (armpit) to the top of the iliac crest (hip bone). This area includes the anterior abdomen, the ribs and sternum, the muscles pectoralis major and minor, and serratus anterior. This limit includes treating over the draping.
  • He must post a College-approved notice regarding the above-mentioned limit at all workplaces.

Reasons: On February 13, 2024, CMTBC received a complaint from a female patient of Mr. Glover (the “Patient”). About this complaint, the Inquiry Committee panel found that there was a prima facie case of the allegations that, during the provision of massage therapy to the Patient, Mr. Glover provided a draping option to the Patient that involved the complete exposure of a sensitive area of the Patient’s body and, further, that Mr. Glover massaged a sensitive area of the Patient’s body.

The Inquiry Committee panel considered the allegations to be serious and found that there would be a risk of recurrence if an interim order were not made. Therefore, the panel determined that the public must be protected by an interim order during the investigation and pending any discipline hearing.

The panel considered what interim measures should be sufficient and proportionate in this case. Having weighed the different options and the circumstances of this case, and having considered the impact on Mr. Glover, the Inquiry Committee panel concluded that the above-described limits and conditions are proportionate and sufficient to protect the public during the investigation or pending a discipline hearing.

Important Note: Limits, conditions and suspensions ordered by the Inquiry Committee under section 35(1) of the Act are made to protect the public during an investigation or pending a hearing of the Discipline Committee. Measures taken under section 35(1) of the Act pertain to allegations which are and remain unproven unless admitted by a registrant or determined by the Discipline Committee.

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