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Disciplinary Actions

Trevor Scott, RMT

Prince George, BC
Date of Action:
Oct 31, 2016

Nature of Action: A panel of the Discipline Committee of the College convened on March 1-4, July 12-13, and August 17, 2016, for a disciplinary hearing in relation to Trevor Scott, RMT (the “Registrant”). At the conclusion of the hearing, the Discipline Committee panel dismissed the allegations set out in the citation (the College’s charging document).

The Discipline Committee panel did not make any finding of professional misconduct or other wrongdoing by the Registrant. At the conclusion of the hearing, he remained a member of the College in good standing.

Reasons for Action: On October 31, 2016, the panel released its Order and Reasons for its decision to dismiss the citation. Read the Reasons for Decision (PDF).

In accordance with the BC Health Regulators’ Public Notification Framework (PDF), and further to a resolution of the College’s Board pursuant to section 53(1)(b) of the Health Professions Act, the reasons for the panel’s decision are made available to the public with the identifying information of the complainant and other third party witnesses redacted. The Registrant has requested that his identifying information not be redacted.

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