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Disciplinary Actions

Under the Health Professions Act, CMTBC provides notice of complaint outcomes as required by the Act. CMTBC provides notice of outcomes that result in conditions or limits on a registrant’s practice, a suspension, or cancellation of license, as well as matters that go to the Discipline Committee.

Publication is made in accordance with the Publication Policy (PDF) enacted by the CMTBC Board as well as the BC Health Regulators Framework for Public Notification.

Notices are posted for 10 years, as set out in the Framework.

Anuraj (Anu) Gill, Former RMTDisciplinary OrderMay 13, 2019
Dennis Desrochers, RMT Extraordinary Action (IC)Apr 18, 2019
Trevor Scott, RMTExtraordinary Action (IC)Apr 17, 2019
Leonard (Len) Krekic, RMTExtraordinary Action (IC)Apr 5, 2019
Steven Anderson, Former RMTExtraordinary Action (IC)Jan 18, 2019
Eric Rabinowitz, Former RMTFailure to Authorize a Criminal Record CheckNov 7, 2018
Glenn Kukkee, RMTExtraordinary Action (IC)Oct 3, 2018
D.J. Kent Smith, Former RMTConsent ResolutionJuly 3, 2018
Christopher Sherman, RMTConsent ResolutionApr 17, 2018
Jesse Brown, Former RMTDisciplinary OrderDec 19, 2017
Graham Breault, Former RMTExtraordinary Action (IC)Nov 8, 2017
Joshua Young, Former RMTFailure to Authorize a Criminal Record CheckNov 1, 2017
Miko Tomasevich, Former RMTFailure to Authorize a Criminal Record CheckSep 6, 2017
Robert Morgan, Former RMTExtraordinary Action (IC)Jun 6, 2017
Bodhi Jones, Former RMTNotice of Resignation During Investigation or DisciplineFeb 21, 2017
David Fierro, Former RMTConsent ResolutionNov 21, 2016
Trevor Scott, RMTDiscipline HearingOct 31, 2016
Craig Hall, RMTDisciplinary OrderOct 28, 2016
Holli Husband, Former RMTConsent ResolutionMay 5, 2016
Donald Martin, Former RMTConsent ResolutionApr 15, 2016
Norman Holler, RMTConsent ResolutionMar 30, 2016
Lucas Hille, Former RMTConsent ResolutionNov 23, 2015
Colette Swain, RMTConsent ResolutionNov 17, 2015
Donald Martin, Former RMTDisciplinary OrderSep 15, 2015
Craig Smart, Former RMTConsent ResolutionJul 22, 2015
Reynard Graham, Former RMTDisciplinary OrderJun 26, 2015
Matthew Romyn, Former RMTDisciplinary OrderJun 11, 2015
Gordon Hall, Former RMTConsent ResolutionMar 17, 2015
Michael Lambert, Former RMTDisciplinary OrderNov 4, 2014
David Fierro, Former RMTConsent ResolutionOct 17, 2014
Glenn MacRae, Former RMTDisciplinary OrderOct 7, 2014
Stephen Bartlett, RMTDisciplinary OrderOct 7, 2014
Matthew Romyn, Former RMTNotice of Criminal Conviction and SentencingOct 4, 2013
Alexis Carnduff, RMTConsent ResolutionJun 19, 2013
Rui Hua Ai, RMT (formerly Charles Lu)Consent ResolutionAug 21, 2012
Holli Husband, Former RMTConsent ResolutionNov 9, 2011
Troy Smaill, Former RMTConsent ResolutionAug 29, 2011
Reynard Graham, Former RMTNotice of Criminal Conviction and SentencingOct 15, 2010
Reynard Graham, Former RMTNotice of Resignations During Investigation or DisciplineJun 9, 2010
Clifford Yip, RMTConsent ResolutionJan 21, 2010
Gordon Hall, Former RMT (aka Gord Hall)Consent ResolutionAug 1, 2009

Some notices have been archived in accordance with policy enacted by the CMTBC Board. Those notices have been moved to the Archive section but will also remain on the CMTBC website for 10 years.

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