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Criminal Record Check for RMTs

The Criminal Records Review Act requires every registered massage therapist (RMT) to undergo a criminal record check (CRC) on entry to the profession and at least once every five years thereafter. The College facilitates this requirement by collecting the Consent to Criminal Record Check(s) form that provides your consent to all required CRCs, both current and future. The College then submits your information for processing by the Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP) of the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General. Beginning in January 2018, your annual registration fee includes the cost of all required CRCs for as long as you are a CMTBC registrant.

If the CRRP determines that your combination of gender and date-of-birth is shared by someone who has been charged with or convicted of a sexual offence, you will be asked to provide fingerprints to confirm your identity. This is a federal RCMP requirement that applies to everyone required to undergo a CRC. In such circumstances, fingerprinting is required to eliminate the possibility that an offender has changed their name to avoid detection.

If your fingerprints are required, you will receive a letter directly from the CRRP containing a set of instructions. If your fingerprints are required, it is important that you attend to this requirement as soon as possible because failure to do so means that you are not fully consenting to a CRC, which will result in further action by the College.

Once the CRC has been completed, the CRRP will either provide an electronic clearance to the College, or will notify you and the College that a relevant offence has been found on your record. If a relevant offence is found on your record, the College will contact you. and a further process will follow. If no relevant offence is found, the College will receive an electronic clearance from the CRRP, and will update your online profile to reflect the new clearance date.

Unless your consent to CRC form is incomplete, or you are in the process of reinstatement, you will not need to provide CMTBC with a new consent to CRC form. Registration renewal will not affect the validity of your consent to CRC or your CRC itself, unless your registration has lapsed, and you subsequently wish to reinstate.

For more information about criminal record checks, visit the Criminal Records Review Program website.

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