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Health Profession Corporations


Under Part 4 of the Health Professions Act (the “Act”) and Part G of the CMTBC Bylaws, registrants may incorporate their massage therapy practice as a “health profession corporation” under the Health Professions Act as long as certain conditions and requirements are met, including obtaining a permit from CMTBC.

Setting up and structuring a business properly involves many steps, some of which require specialized knowledge. Registrants may wish to obtain professional advice (legal and accounting) to assist them and to ensure that all conditions and requirements imposed by the Act and Bylaws have been satisfied.

Obtaining a CMTBC Corporation Permit

1. Submit a “Name Request” to the Names Unit of the BC Corporate Registry.

The first step in incorporating is to obtain approval of your business name from the BC Corporate Registry. Registrants can request approval online through BC Registry Services’ Name Requests Online or OneStop, a partner agency that provides additional business support services.

In making a business name approval request, please consider the following criteria:

  • The College recommends your proposed corporate name include the words “massage therapy” or “massage therapist”.
  • The proposed name cannot be identical to or closely resemble the name of another corporation that holds a valid permit.
  • The proposed name must not be offensive.

If the application is in order, the BC Corporate Registry will issue a name approval. Once approved, a business name will be reserved for 56 days.

2. Submit an application to CMTBC for consent to a proposed corporate name.

Submit the Application for CMTBC Consent to Proposed Corporate Name form (PDF) to CMTBC together with the Results of Name Request confirmation received from BC Registry Services. Upon receipt of your application, CMTBC will review the name according to the criteria set out above. If the name is approved, CMTBC will communicate its consent directly to the Registry (with a copy to you).

3. Incorporate and Register your Corporation with the BC Corporate Registry.

Once CMTBC has consented to your proposed name, the next step is incorporation with the BC Corporate Registry. Registrants may do so through Corporate Online (click on “File an Incorporation Application”) or OneStop, a partner agency.

Important Note: Registrants must:

  • Structure their corporation in accordance with all of the conditions/requirements set out in Part 4 of the Act and Part G of the Bylaws, including (but not limited to) section 43 of the Act, which sets out who may own shares in the business.
  • Incorporate before the name reservation expires (within 56 days of receiving name approval from the BC Corporate Registry).

4. Apply to CMTBC for a Permit to Operate as a Health Profession Corporation

Once a new company has been incorporated, the registrant must apply to CMTBC for a permit authorizing the corporation to provide massage therapy services to the public. Registrants must apply using the Application For Permit Authorizing Corporation to Practice as a Health Profession Corporation form (PDF). The Certificate of Incorporation and the Articles of Incorporation must be included with the application.

In determining whether to issue a permit, CMTBC will assess whether the corporation has met the conditions/requirements set out in the Act and Bylaws. If the application is in order, CMTBC will issue a Health Profession Corporation Permit entitling the corporation to provide massage therapy services to the public.

Important Note: A Health Profession Corporation Permit is only valid for one year from the date that it is issued.

5. Renewing a CMTBC Permit

Registrants must renew their Health Profession Corporation Permit each year by submitting the Annual Permit Renewal Application form (PDF) to CMTBC.

In determining whether to renew a permit, the CMTBC Board will assess whether the health profession corporation continues to comply with the conditions/requirements set out in the Act and Bylaws. If it does, CMTBC will issue a new permit entitling the health profession corporation to continue providing massage therapy services to the public.

6. Change of Corporate Name or Other Information Regarding the Health Profession Corporation

A person authorized to act on behalf of a health profession corporation must advise CMTBC, in writing, of any changes to the information which was contained in the permit application or permit renewal application most recently provided to CMTBC. If the corporate name has changed, an Application for Corporate Name Change form (PDF) should be sent to CMTBC.

Note: CMTBC staff members are not able to provide legal, financial, or tax advice regarding your health profession corporation.

For more information, contact CMTBC.

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