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Quality Assurance Frequently Asked Questions

CMTBC is committed to ensuring that all RMTs are aware of and understand the upcoming changes to the Quality Assurance program. This FAQs page will be updated on a regular basis.

What are my Quality Assurance requirements for 2023?

In 2023, there are no requirements for RMTs to complete either a CMTBC-authored online course or self-directed courses for continuing education credits.

However, CMTBC asks that all RMTs remain current with information provided by the College regarding the redesigned Quality Assurance program. The new Quality Assurance program will launch in January 2024.

Can I take continuing education courses this year?


RMTs are encouraged to continue to engage in any professional development course or activity that will support their practice.

RMTs are individually responsible for ensuring that any modality or skills-based training they wish to complete is within the scope of practice for massage therapy in BC, if they plan to incorporate that learning into their practice.

Is there a Cycle 14 and do I need to report continuing education credits (CECs) to the College?

No, there is no Cycle 14.

The last Quality Assurance cycle was Cycle 13, which ran from November 1, 2020 to October 31, 2022.

RMTs are not required to report CECs or upload certificates of course completion in the Registrant Portal for courses taken in 2023. 

Will CMTBC review applications for approval of continuing education courses and instructors?

No, CMTBC will no longer be reviewing applications for approval of continuing education courses and/or instructors.

Do I need to take a Standard First Aid/CPR-C course in 2023?

In accordance with CMTBC’s Bylaws, RMTs must maintain current certification in Standard First Aid (SFA)/CPR-C. If an RMT’s SFA/CPR-C certification expires in 2023, they are required to re-obtain valid certification to be in compliance with the Bylaws.

SFA/CPR-C certification is a requirement for all RMTs who hold Practising status. For more information on SFA/CPR-C requirements, visit the Standard First Aid & CPR-C page.

For more information

RMTs can contact [email protected] with questions about the FAQs, or with other questions related to the redesign of the Quality Assurance program.

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