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Registration Renewal

Registration renewal for 2018

Registrants who wish to maintain their professional status must renew their active registration. Registrants not currently practising in BC but wishing to maintain their status as RMTs must renew their inactive registration.

Registration renewal for 2018 opens November 1, 2017. The deadline for renewing your registration for 2018 is December 15, 2017.

Registrants should renew their registration online in the Registrant Portal area of the new CMTBC Portal. Registrants who require accommodation due to inability to use the portal should contact the College.

Activate your account on the new CMTBC Portal

CMTBC accounts created by registrants on the College’s previous portal have been transferred to the new CMTBC Portal. However, all registrants must reactivate their accounts on the new Portal. To reactivate your account, go to the CMTBC Portal and follow the instructions.

Confirm your renewal requirements

Before renewing, please ensure the following registration renewal requirements have been met:

  • You hold valid professional liability insurance and have proof of the insurance – in PDF format – ready for uploading on the CMTBC Portal.
  • You hold valid certification in Standard First Aid and CPR-C and have proof of the certification – in PDF format – ready for uploading on the CMTBC Portal.
  • Any outstanding fees and fines have been paid. In the Portal, click “Invoices” in the menu at the left to pay outstanding fees and fines before beginning the registration renewal process.

Renew your registration with CMTBC

Log on to the CMTBC Portal, click the “Renew Registration” box on the Welcome page (or click “Renewal of Registration” in the menu at the left), and follow the instructions.

As part of the registration renewal process, RMTs must upload proof of valid professional liability insurance and a valid Standard First Aid/CPR-C certificate to the new CMTBC Portal even if they were uploaded to the previous CMTBC portal. While data that RMTs uploaded to the previous portal – such as contact information – has been transferred to the new portal, registrants will need to re-upload some data in the new portal.

When renewing their registration, RMTs will notice that part of the renewal process involves providing the College with a new consent form for criminal record checks (CRCs). Registrants and applicants are asked to fill out this form and provide the College with a signed copy, even if they have a current CRC. The advantage of the new process is that all future required CRCs will be automatically obtained by the College without a further application process being required, and at no cost to registrants.

Please note that clicking the “Save and Continue” button at any point in the registration renewal process saves data that you have inputted into your registration renewal. RMTs can then log out and return at a later time to complete the renewal.

Pay your registration renewal fees

Pay by credit card (Visa or Mastercard) on the CMTBC Portal; cheque mailed to CMTBC; or credit or debit card, cheque, or cash in person at the CMTBC office.

Please note that the College no longer accepts payment by online banking. Also, the CMTBC Board decided in 2017 not to continue the previous practice of offering a discounted registration fee to registrants aged 65 and over, as this was never formally enacted in the CMTBC Bylaws.

Click “Invoices” in the menu at the left in the Portal to review paid invoices.

Download your registration card

Click “Download Annual Registration Card” in the menu at the left in the Portal to download your registration card. The card shows the date of expiry of your registration.

If you have feedback on the new CMTBC Portal, please send it to

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