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Reinstatement of Registration

If you are a former registrant with CMTBC and wish to return to practice as an RMT, you must apply for and be granted reinstatement of your registration before you can do so.

The requirements that apply to a reinstatement depend on when and why an RMT’s registration lapsed:

  1. RMTs who fail to renew their registration for the following year by December 31 of the current year will automatically be cancelled. Reinstatement of registration following non-renewal is available within three months – that is, by March 31 – by meeting the requirements set out in section 52 of the CMTBC Bylaws.
  2. If registration has lapsed or been cancelled for more than three months, RMTs must meet the more extensive reinstatement requirements set out in section 54 of the Bylaws
  3. Once the period of non-registration exceeds two years, an RMT may also be required to successfully complete one or more portions of the registration examination or a clinical skills refresher course, or otherwise demonstrate currency of knowledge, skills, and ability.
  4. If registration was cancelled due to the College’s inquiry and/or discipline process, section 54(5) of the Bylaws sets out an additional requirement that applies in that circumstance.

See Schedule “B” of the Bylaws to determine the fee that applies to each type of reinstatement.

Former registrants may not use the professional titles protected by the Massage Therapists Regulation, including “massage therapist”, “registered massage therapist”, or “RMT”. Those titles can be used only after registration has been reinstated by the College.

If you are applying for reinstatement, please download and complete the Application for Reinstatement of Registration form and send the completed form to CMTBC by mail or by email to [email protected].

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