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Advertising & Title Use

CMTBC’s Bylaws contain rules about advertising by RMTs. All RMTs are required to comply with these rules, which uphold the integrity of the massage therapy profession and protect the public from misleading or exaggerated claims. The rules prohibit marketing activities that are false, inaccurate, misleading, or unverifiable.

Another important rule is the restriction on the use of specialist titles. The CMTBC Board has issued a Notice to the Profession on this topic. While it is appropriate to identify a practice focus or a preferred area of practice such as perinatal care, geriatric care, athletics/sports injury care, or women’s health as examples, registrants are not permitted to advertise any special accreditation or competency. This is because the practice of massage therapy is defined in the Massage Therapists Regulation, which does not set out any specializations within the practice of massage therapy.

There is also a restriction on the use of occupational titles in advertising. RMTs may not use occupational titles that have not been set out in the Massage Therapists Regulation or approved by the College’s Board. The CMTBC Board has issued a Notice to the Profession on the use of titles and designations by RMTs.

RMTs who hold Non-practising status with CMTBC may use the four titles set out in the Massage Therapists Regulation only if immediately followed by “(Non-practising)”.

For more information on this subject, please contact CMTBC.

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