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Fraudulent Use of RMT Numbers

Insurance companies often use RMT registration numbers to identify RMTs for the purpose of paying third-party claims. This means that someone who obtains access to an RMT’s registration number may be in a position to use that number to file a false repayment claim with an insurance company. For this reason, your RMT number should be carefully safeguarded.

The College has no jurisdiction to investigate or take action against a non-registrant for fraud. If any registrant becomes aware of, or has reason to believe that their name/registration number is being fraudulently used by a non-registrant, the registrant should immediately contact their local police.

Registrants should take reasonable steps to protect their registration number from fraudulent use. Registration numbers should not be displayed publicly, on a website or elsewhere. Also, RMTs should only disclose information such as their registration number when it is necessary, and confirm that the recipient is legitimate and authorized to receive the information.

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