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Terminating a Therapeutic Relationship

An RMT may terminate a therapeutic relationship in the following circumstances:

  • Therapy is no longer indicated.
  • The patient no longer wishes to receive treatment.
  • Another health care professional has assumed primary care responsibility.
  • The RMT provides written notice of termination to the patient.

Unless treatment is terminated because continued massage therapy is no longer indicated, a patient whose treatment has been terminated is entitled to be referred to another practitioner except where a patient either sexualizes or attempts to sexualize the treatment or treatment environment, or threatens or otherwise endangers the RMT.  In such cases:

  • Treatment may be terminated immediately.
  • RMTs are not required to refer the patient to another practitioner.
  • RMTs are not obligated to explain to the patient the specific reasons for the termination. 

RMTs should carefully document the reasons for any termination of a patient relationship.  This is especially important in cases where the termination occurs as a result of the patient sexualizing the treatment, or threatening or endangering the RMT. The documentation may be kept in the patient file, and should consist primarily of direct facts and observations rather than judgments or subjective comments.

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